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company and decided if we wanted to change the game we had to hire our own agents. today we have 3 or 400 agents all across the country. their paid a customer satisfaction bonus so if you're happy they make money. if you're not, they don't. that allows us to not only have digital part be revolutionary but also the service part. i'm not the founder. i'm just the ceo. when we had to decide what we wanted to do with this business we could turn over leads to traditional real estate ats or try to change the game. we decided that we wanted to change the game. this meant having a digital business that also had personal service. >> why haven't anybody done this before? we have trulia and zula but nobody has tried to do this? >> they're not that crazy. it's easier running a software business. that's what i did before. it's a digital business with pure digital margins. you don't have to worry about a real estate agent showing up to hang a yard sign or write an offer. the challenge has been going market by market getting good local people and delivering consistent quality service. it's larger opport
opinion is changing so fast. as the supreme court takes up same-sex marriage, there is a stunning swing in its acceptance. today 58% to 49% in favor. president obama changed his mind. >> our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. >> reporter: hillary clinton agreed last week. mitt romney's stand against gay marriage surely hurt him in november. >> white evangelicals form a strong part of the republican base and are overwhelmingly opposed but others supports free freedom to marry. >> marriage laws are designed to attach mothers and fathers to each other and to the children that they may create and raise in the best environment. >> reporter: despite the snow, people are camped at the supreme court to get inside for tomorrow's argument. >> i have a lot of gay friends. i don't think they should be denied the right to marry the person they love. >> chief justice roberts set aside a seat for his cousin, a lesbian, who wants theo justice to declare the ban unconstitutional. chris and sandy raised four boys and want to marry. >> we
news feed. ceo mark zuckerberg introducing the changes this week. he described it as a personalized newspaper that is more visual and allows users to choose the topic in which they're interested. the images and lengths to articles are b s ars are s ars >>> a monster week for the market as the dow sets new records. key data on the economy with the strong jobs report. what does it mean for your money? jo joining me right now is bill gross, pimco founder and former chief and former chairman of the council of economic advisers for president obama. gentlemen, great to have you on the program. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, maria. >> austan, great day to talk to you. let's start with the jobs number released on friday. a very strong number. 236,000 new jobs create for the month. the unemployment right now, the lowest in four years. was this what you expected and what do you think it says about where we are in the economy? >> well, it was better than i expected. this is one of the reports -- we've been waiting for reports like this. you never want to make too much out of any one mont
the timing of these changes in the forecast in just a few minutes. >>> in less than an hour parents and educators are planning a protest called think before you pink. it's happening at tonight's school board meeting in santa clara. bottom line, they don't want any teachers to lose their jauobs. the state deadline for pink slips is coming up. the board has money and should be focusing on class size, music, library hours and raises for educators instead of layoffs. the rally is scheduled to start at 6:00 this evening at the district office. nbc bay area's george katayama is there and will have a live report at 6:00. >>> a new proposal could call the deer don train station into san jose -- in san jose into silicon valley's version of times square. the city wants to transform the area into a central entertainment district. the plans include room for a new stadium for the a's, thousands of new residential units and nearly five million square feet of new office space. the plan would also add a b.a.r.t. extension and bullet train hub. they plan to draft an environmental impact report this
. >> reporter: and from all indications, nothing significant changed. >> yeah. >> reporter: frustrated? >> i'm sure they are. >> reporter: so that report, was it a waste of taxpayer money? >> had it come to conclusion, it would have been money well spent. the fact that it was not followed up on by the national guard bureau in the first year, that's problematic. >> reporter: but it's important to note the report criticized the california guard's failure to meet national guard standards in handling complaints. during the hearing at the capital, the national guard bureau said it provided additional training and the california guard is now in compliance. >> of the big messages we continue to reform the california national guard and military department. the governor appointed me to make change and we have made substantial change. >> reporter: general baldwin made it clear before the senate committee and our camera, he remains committed to cleaning up the culture of the california guard. we're also committed to keeping you informed on that progress. >> thank you very much, tony. if you have a tip
. >> it's impossible to know with any certainty the changes that would be worked on society by redefining the institution of marriage. >> suppose a state said, because we think that the focus of marriage really should be on procreation, we are not going to give marriage licenses any more to any couple where both people are over the age of 55. would that be constitutional? >> reporter: the court's conservatives were equally skeptical that gay couples have a right to marry. >> i'm curious, when did it become unconstitutional to exclude homosexual couples from marriage? 1791? 1868, when the 14th amendment was adopted? >> reporter: they said though gay couples in california have all the rights of married couples, letting them be called married would be a big change. >> if you tell a child that someone has to be their friend, i suppose you can force the person to say, this is my friend, but it changes the definition of what it means to be a friend. and that's what it seems to me the supporters of proposition 8 are saying here. >> you want us to step in and render a decision based on the assess
to pick up his bags and pay his bill. small gestures that may signal bigger changes ahead. >> he can make the changes needed because he knows from his own experience in buenos aires what has been missing here in rome. >> reporter: today, francis focused on winning the hearts of romans. going to a basilica dedicated to christ's mother, the virgin mary, considered to be a protector of rome. this souvenir shop near the vatican quickly switched allegiances, quickly selling out of 6,000 photos of the new pope. embracing a more humble image in this regal setting. anne thompson, nbc news, the vatican. >>> i'm miguel almaguer in buenos aires. at an afternoon mass inside the city's main cathedral, the faithful pray for the man who once led their church and will now lead the catholic world. when he was cardinal here, pope francis often sat in the back pews, accessible to anyone seeking his help. his sister said today he never wanted the papacy. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> reporter: when i met john paul ii, i looked up and saw his gaze of infinite loneliness. my brother's gaze reflects lov
for brands. they had a very particular brand and they were prepared to say we're going to change it. >> but compared to the others -- the rolling stones, they never did that. that's the irony. he -- you hear paul mccartney say, we don't want to be up there when we're 40. and mick jagger is doing the stim schtik at 65. of the beatles, by the way. paul mccartney is the one that does want to be out there still. >> the amazing thing about that period is our consciousness was expanding in many ways, not just in the psychedelic way but also around that time i think the summer of 1966 was the period when a lot of people in this country turned against the war in vietnam, twinned it with the civil rights movement -- chris: very much so. although they never gave an anti-war statement, lennon later with imagine, but they were part of the rebellion. anyway, here's my favorite of all. this is in the movie "yellow submarine." ♪ ah look at all the lonely people snotes ♪ ah look at all the lonely people ♪ ♪ eleanor rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been ♪ ♪ live
it changed their lives, had a huge impact on that diocese, but pope benedict wasn't as extroverted. he was a kind man, a shy man, and he wasn't used to showing that in public, and this man is a pastor, first and foremost, he spent all his life being close to people, especially the poor, close to his own brothers in his religious society and also to the people he served in a large diocese in very difficult times, so he's a man of integrity, and that signs through even when he has to say this isn't what christ wants, he says it apparently in a way that people can at least hear it even if they don't agree with it. that's an important pastoral node i hope we'll learn from in the years to come. >> as a management matter, as a crisis management matter, what does pope francis do to come to terms with sexual abuse in the church that begins to close the chapter for the church? >> well, i can't close that chapter, none of us can, as long as there are victims b s becausu to have accompany them, if they're willing to accompany them, but we have to keep doing that. as far as the scandal itself, eve
-march pink slip again. across the bay and across the state a pink slip picture has changed dramatically and teachers hope it stays that way. reporting live in richmond, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >>> thank you. san francisco city college met a critical deadline today in the fight to keep the school open. ccsf filed a report today outlining the school's plans to address a long list of financial and administrative concerns. if things don't change, the college might lose its accreditation. now that the report has been filed, inspectors will visit the campus in april to verify the plan. a panel then has 45 days to announce whether the school will keep that accreditation. and state funding that goes with it. the school has an estimated 80,000 students. >>> tonight the parents of a missing scout valley man are leaving for utah where their man has been found alive and safe. less than an hour we received word that 20-year-old matthew abraham has been located in utah. matt disappeared earlier this week after a mountain bike accident which left him with a major head injury. a widespre
to give out. >> a mother's out rage lash out at what they say is a potentially dangerous change to airline security. al gore slapped with a lawsuit. the connection to the bay area, we're back in a moment. >>> a painful wound reopened. 11 years after terrorists killed their loved ones, the families of 9/11 feel victimized again. this time, it's the very government protecting them that's on the slide. the tsa. it will soon allow passengers to carry small knives on flight. >> reporter: jessica, this is a pocket knife i carry with me just about every day. under the tsa's new policy, in pocket knife would be allow onto planes. earlier today, i spoke with alice hoglin. she's the mother of the victim of 9/11 and her reaction to the new tsa policy is quite visceral. >> this unwise move by the tsa is a slap in the face to the fellas who stood and faulgt. >> the move alice is talking about is the new policy that allows holding knives with blades that are less than 2.3 inches long and half an inch wide. >> they were able to charge up the aisle and take back control of their lives. if they would have
themselves. >>> we have a status report tonight on climate change and how visible it is in one of the most stunning places on the globe. if you have the chance in life to journey to the bottom of the earth to antarctica, you will see it unfolding in dramatic fashion. nbc's kerry sanders is just back from there and has our report tonight. >> reporter: it is the waning days of summer in antarctica and there is an annual race on. penguins are hatching. parents nursing their chicks before the first swim in the southern ocean. often their last because of what lurks below. >> the leopard seal is a number one penguin killer. >> reporter: it's part of the balance of life here. leopard seals eat up to 25 penguins a day. some people say there are only two different types of penguins -- the white ones walking towards you and the black ones walking away. but there are 18 different types of penguins. more than half have reason to worry. >> look at that. >> reporter: in the last 50 years average winter temperatures here have risen 10.7 degrees. the national snow and ice status center measured the lowest
. >> you are changing things, you know that. sees better than ev. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪ growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >>> he gave up an executive high paying gig at microsoft to change the world one book at a time. >> did you have a conversation with bill gates? >> i don't know that bill noticed i left. i would like to believe that he's wearing black arm bands the day i left microsoft. no, we have a great case. i was fortunate. >> this is john wood, the man behind one of the most successful nonprofits. you can watc
notice a change outside just from 24 hours ago we have a lot of sunshine. yesterday sunshine, not the case today. lets get to temperatures. 60 in sunnyvale. not a lot of sunshine. climbing into the 60s and 70s before the day is done, clouds will continue to increase, mostly cloudy across the bay area to finish the day, then expecting first light showers tomorrow morning. temps will level off, nice and mild, upper 60s we've got this really unsettled pattern, so it's hard to dictate exactly where and when we're going to get our showers but i'm doing to give it my best bet for you. i've got all the tools agreeing with me for the time being. stick around. i'll time it out. >> we'll bring our tools, umbrellas. >> thanks. >>> still ahead at 11:00, alleged child molester jerry sandusky speaks out for the first time since his conviction. we'll hear from him next. >>> people all over the bay area getting ready to march against proposition 8 on the eve of the supreme court hearing on that issue. >>> a young teenager sells his startup to yahoo!. you won't believe the price. take a look
or a drive to the wine country. so you have to be compelling and you have to change out your attractions. >> is that heresy in baseball? we have to have entertainment. i think it's great, but do other baseball owners -- >> in the old days people played baseball. >> there aren't that many old baseball players. >> a couple of decades ago i think you could find owners that were that way. but the gold standard was -- not just the gold standard, you know what this is for a team like the giants you need casual unanimouses. there aren't going to be three million ticket clicks of people walking down the street memorizing batting averages and the e.r.a.s. so you got a half, maybe a quarter to a half. and you got everybody else that's coming in maybe for a good time with their family, maybe to entertain their clients, maybe with enjoyable food. and i got that. and then what happens is, they say that they convert and they go up the ladder to be more hardcore fans. so you need the more casual fans to build to 3 million. >> you mentioned willie mays which i found at the same time fascinating and dist
a homeless man who found a diamond engagement ring in his change cuff and he returned it to its grateful owner. that one good deed completely changed his life. he will be here to tell us all about it. >> looking forward to that. we begin, though, this morning with that early spring snowstorm rolling across the country. we are keeping you very busy, phyllis. >> this weather is just relentless. good morning, ereka. good morning, everyone. parts of the midwest from wichita, kansas, all the way to indianapolis are seeing more heavy snow this morning as we deal with the winter weather that doesn't want to end. >> on i-25 near johnston, colorado, a fiery collision between a tanker truck and a car. >> looks like the propane was caught on fire with people. you can't even describe what it looked like. you can't even describe it. >> reporter: along with it a massive pile-up. >> four or five semis and, like, 40 cars. truck drivers on the road, it's tough. i never see anything like this. >> reporter: one wrecked vehicle was pulled after another out of the tangled pile of steel. several people were h
costello on this big day for the markets. tom, thanks. changing coming soon to an airport near u. ever since the 9/11 hijackers used box cutters to force down aircraft, the tsa has banned passengers from using knives from boarding the planes with them. now it's changing course, allowing some, but not all knives, and larger items, like golf club and ski poles, and if you must, pool cues, whiffle ball bats and lacrosse sticks. nbc's pete williams has more on all of this from washington tonight. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. tsa says this will relieve the screeners from having to search for small knives and other objects that cannot do catastrophic dame to an airplane and to focus instead on the much more serious hazards. starting next month, tsa will partly lift the restriction that's been in place for 11 years, blocking passengers from bringing knives on board. it's an effort, says tsa, to devote more attention to the most serious threats. >> we are trying to focus on the highest risks, that being the non-metallic improvised explosive devices. and we don't want t
brainwashing and a similar thing to changes. most of us are used to lecturing, and i'm like that myself, but online lecturing is real dull and boring and we know for a fook if you compete with lecturing or facebook, facebook will end up winning. we make your material to the student and rather than telling the solutions, let them find solutions themselves and when that works it becomes more like a video game than a regular lecture. >> sebastian, can we take about some of your side projects for just a minute. google glass is going to hit the market very soon. everybody is talking about it, and you made it. you invented it. you are a team. you're going to say you're part of a team. >> there's a fantastic team that was all involved. >> people love talking about it. >> i had the fortune to learn from the best, and i would say larry is part of my inspiration, and what they do really well is look at something and say what is the fundamental game shifting and we understand computation closer to people and they would say, look, this wouldn't be in your pocket, should be much closer. brain implan
's echbtd to ensure there's no violence. well, time to change the timeline, coming up the new look of facebook that will be coming next week. >>> and a beautiful shot from our nbc bay area helicopter. but, good thing you do not have smell-o-vision. we will explain the stinky situation in the seaside neighborhood next. and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri live in the north bay where the sun is out and so are the petaluma little leaguers who made it all the way to the little league world series last year. we will talk baseball and weather and opening day right here in the north bay coming up in a few minutes. >> nice job, you guys! mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ at&t. [ traffic passi
of uninsured people in the bay area were given access to life-changing medical care today. we're not talking about checkups now. doctors and staff at kaiser medical center volunteered their skills to provide same-day surgeries for about 30 people. among the surgeries performed, cataract removal, hernia repairs. they started the program back in 1993. >> here we are 20 years later, 10,000 patients, 1,200 volunteers, and about $80 million of donated services. it's ooh a remark accomplishment without the entire health care system pitching in. >> if you want more information on the program, program called operation is set for april. >>> in the bayous of louisiana and texas researchers have discovered a potential medical break through in alligators. >> reporter: these keepers of the bayou are known for their tenacity. but behind the alligators' piercing eyes and sharp teeth is an immune system that's as ferocious as the serene creature. >> they put a lot of pressure on themselves to develop this immune system we even been studying for the last 12 years. >> reporter: he handles them like his own ch
bats. the changes put the tsa more in line with international regulation. >>> investigating a pilot's report of a drone flying over new york city yesterday. a pilot for the airlines says an unmanned aircraft came within 200 feet of his passenger plane. his plane was flying from rome to jfk. he described the drone as black and no more than three feet wide with four propellers. the boeing 737 landed safely. >>> in health matters tonight, we're looking at lipo transfer. instead of using a synthetic filler. the doctor recycles fat from the patient's body. extracting the fat isn't very invasive so patients can stay conscious. the doctor fills out the cheeks and gives a youthful look. and does not leave marks on the skin. >>> now to our bay area proud series where we profile people doing the right thing for our community. tonight the right thing is also delicious. and it started with a favor for a friend. >> one north bay woman said yes to a friend six years ago. now hundreds of families are thankful for it. here's the remarkable efforts. >> reporter: the favor, a friend was to teach her
out by this upcoming weekend with the time change on sunday. i have been in quite a glory moment here. we finally have rainfall, and i'm loving it. >> coming up next, the accidental discovery by scientists that could fight debilitating diseases. stay with us. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> call it a happy accident, bay area researchers studying the difference between healthy cancer cells and dangerous ones have made a discovery. >> breast tissue cells have the same characteristics as stem cells. marianne fav vro is here are a closer look. >> what's so promising about the special cells is they can change and become a potential type of cell. so researchers hope they can generate insulin to help people with diabetes. and that's just the beginning. researchers are looking to understand more about breast cancer when they ma
as the solar impulse is in the works to change history. a massive wingspan covered in solar panels collects and stores energy so the plane can be flown day and even at night. >>> also in california, a widower got a disturbing surprise when he realized the woman in the casket was not his wife. the funeral home told him his wife simply looked different because of the embalming process, and it wasn't until another family came forward claiming a body switch that they recognized their mistake. >>> preparations are under way in pacific grove's seal pup season begins. signs are going up warning visitors not to disturb the elephant seals, harbor seals and sea lions. the expectant mothers ready themselves for the births of their pups expected to take place in april and may. >>> top ranked gonzaga strengthened its case with a rout of unranked st. mary's to win the west coast conference final, 65-51. this will be the 15th straight year the zags go to the big dance. >>> in women's college basketball, number one baylor got 31 points from britney griner to capture the big 12 conference championship. the
sticking points on any budget have not changed for republicans or democrats. and as you mentioned, president obama headed back to the capitol today. this time to meet with a tougher audience after meeting with senate democrats yesterday. now house republicans, members of his own party are expressing doubt about how effective he will be at this. also senate democrats releasing their own budget for the first time in about four years, calling for a trillion dollars in new revenues by closing loopholes, but no significant changes to medicare. democrats have rejected the republican plan released yesterday that would have cut the deficit by nearly $5 trillion by repealing president obama's health care law and making changes to those under 54. the one budget we have now to see from the president. the white house says it won't be ready until april 8th, about two months late, richard. >> danielle leigh watching those budget proposals. we'll see what happens. thank you so much. >>> turning now to a bizarre and gruesome story. new york's so-called cannibal on cop is facing life in prison aft
. flight attendants unions and at least three major airlines oppose this change, saying it makes air travel less safe. some prominent lawmakers have voiced their concerns as well and now one is drafting a measure to stop the tsa from reversing course. administrator john pistole said the agency confiscates more than four tons of signal knives each month but doesn't think they pose a catastrophic threat. >>> it was a recording that may have been a game changer in the 2012 presidential election. mitt romney's 47% comment. >> 47% with him who believe that they are victims, who believe government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, you name it. and so my job is not to worry about those people. >> well, after that video was released, romney said it was a very unfortunate statement. and it was not what he meant. now for the first time the man who thought that infamous 47% remark is speaking out. he spoke exclusively with msnbc's ed schultz about why he shot that video. >> i think it defined him at a critical point, you know, and
's identity crisis is now personified by senator rob portman's change of heart on same-sex marriage. >> wow, what a crowd. >> reporter: on mitt romney's short list for vice president rob portman voted against same-sex marriage in the house and senate. he said it was a matter of faith. now it's a matter of family. after his 21-year-old son will, a junior at yale, came out to his parents two years ago. >> i think this is something we should allow people to do -- to get married and have the joy and stability of marriage that i have had for over 26 years. i want all three of my kids to have it including our son who is gay. >> reporter: will portman on a kayaking trip with his father and older brother tweeted, especially proud of my dad today. portman joins former vice president cheney who backed his daughter mary and her spouse. and 130 prominent republicans who signed a brief supporting the supreme court challenge to california's proposition 8 which bans same-sex marriage. but while a majority of americans, 51%, for the first time support same-sex marriage in a nbc news/wall street journal pol
and more transparent opd. the oakland police department is stepping up tonight and vowing for key changes to invest in the city's trust. jordan also wants the public to know that his cops are on the job and dedicated to doing the right thing. nbc bay area cheryl herd is live in oakland where transparency is the word of the evening. >> it is, indeed. keith jordan is telling me tonight that it's time to set the record straight. he says there's been so much negativity about his department in the press that he says it's time to speak out. >> the public has a right to know. >> some members of the public often criticizes oakland's police department from withholding the truth. his department is opened and transparent. >> you know, when we do something wrong, i'll be the first person to stand before you and admit that we do something wrong. >> case in point, ronald raw. his case in point murder conviction recently overturned after seven years. jordan admits mistakes were made in his department. >> jordan says he's not prepared to apologize to chow band. >> suddenly, you know, i was put all over t
't be against everything, they can't be against the changes coursing through american society and the world that voters can see with their own eyes. >> and this conversation primarily talking about the campaign going forward to 2016. what about the here and now? does this mean a change in the way the party deals with the president, for example? >> that's an interesting challenge as well. as they fight president obama on specific issues, they have an overarching problem to deal with, they're identified as the party of congress. they need to show congress can function. the most obvious sweet spot for them appears to be the issue of immigration which marco rubio tellingly did not talk about at cpac. >> john harwood, good to have you on, thanks. >>> on a highway in pennsylvania today, a charter bus carrying a women's college sports team veered off the road and crashed into a tree, killing two people on board and leaving a community in deep shock. nbc's michelle franzen has more on that tonight. >> reporter: the first images of a mangled charter bus after it crashed saturday morning along the pe
with some other situations, maybe made him change his mind at that point and he took his own life. >> reporter: police say sebucamaron pulled the fire alarm and believe he did so to get other students out of their rooms. the report shows the tactical rifle came from an l.a. gun shop. after the bomb squad cleared the scene, students were allowed back in the dorm and counselors are now being provided. now, police have not offered a motive for the attack plan. school officials say the student who shot himself was not registered for the current term and that they were involved in the process of moving him out of the dorm when this incident occurred. brian? >> as we say, it appears we came very close. mark potter starting us out from miami tonight. mark, thanks. >>> weather is making news across parts of our country tonight. here we are 48 hours before the arrival of spring, officially. people have had it with winter. you can't blame them. however, more of it is on the move tonight. weather channel meteorologist eric fisher with us now at the big map. eric, good evening. >> good evenin
was his life. he saw his songs as a way to change the world. his uncle knew his nephew had musical talent beyond his age. >> he went straight for your soul. >> the music stops on tuesday on these train tracks. donye was on his way home wearing headphones and listening to music when a passenger train clipped him, killing him. >> the conductor, please, please, whoever was driving that train, i want you to know i do not blame you and i'm so sorry you have to live with the thought of hitting my son. i know it wasn't your fault. >> donye's friends, classmates even his teachers came out to pay respects. >> he was just always giving and always willing to help and always pasht. when everything seemed a little crazy, donye always had a balance to him. >> his family and friends believed donye was on the brink of stardom. his passion and life expressed in his music. but the pain, the loss, are still very fresh. >> i just miss him. >> now, donye believed in socially conscious lyrics in a video he said quote music can change the world. all you need is the right song. we're live in san jose tonight, ge
. patrick's cathedral went up in smoke. and that's when his life changed forever. >> i remember a lot of smoke. a lot of heat. i went outside and felt more than just exhausted. i felt extreme nausea. >> reporter: he says he thought he could walk it off. >> i remember saying i was going to get up into the truck to lay down and i don't remember anything else after that. >> reporter: frank rooyan, a 17-year firefighter and 20 year paramedic had a heart attack. his colleagues quickly went from fighting a church fire save ryan's life. >> from what i understand, my heart stopped three or four times. >> some of the reports were that he had died and dicht things. this is -- no. no way. >> battalion chief robert sapien was the one in charge that day. >> reporter: ryan put on his jacket for the first time since his heart attack. some of the dust from that day still on it. >> not all family members get along, but when things like this happen, i think everybody comes together. >> it is amazing. for me, it's an incident that hasn't ended and i think on monday, we can all say that the incident is f
a change in culture. proximity breeds innovation and all employees have to report to the building. >>> well, it's a story of mixed signals this week. concerns about the mandatory spending cuts of the sequester as the market toys with new highs. which ones should you pay more attention to? joining me right now is david darst and ben white, chief economic strategist with politico. thanks for being here. david, let me kick it off with you. the markets hitting five-year highs this week. amazing of what's going on as the markets flirt with all time highs. the markets doesn't care about sequester. should we be carrying on it? >> it's going to depend on the four ps. profits exceeded forecast for the fourth quarter, as you know. secondly is personal income. "wall street journal" on this past friday talked about the wage growth is anemic. only up 2%. thirdly is production. that's the hiring. the hiring not the wages but the hiring. and that's been relatively anemic, as you know, as well. the fourth "p" is politics and is sequestration. i think one of the things that your investor based and your view
. details on the major changes coming up. >>> the nation officially in sequester. president obama had to order $85 pl in across-the-board cuts. republicans say these automatic cuts will not hurt the economy emphasizing that $85 billion is only 2% of government spending. president obama said sequester will be painful. some schools will have to close early. another round of cuts could come later this month. >>> it looked like something right out of a horror movie just outside of tampa, florida. the earth opened up and swallowed a house. >> the bedroom floor just collapsed and my brother-in-law is in there underneath the house. >> it's a chilling 911 call from the outside. hard to see the impact but the sinkhole opened up under the home belonging to 37-year-old jeff bush. his brother heard a scream and tried to help before being rescued himself. >> i heard my brother screaming and i ran in there and all i could see was this big hole and all i could see was his bed. >> authorities can't even search for the gentleman because the area is unstable and the massive crater is already 30 feet wi
voters passed measure d, increasing the minimum wage only in san jose, the plans changed. >> when the numbers went to $10 an hour, it made it difficult to bring everybody to 9 an hour. >> reporter: so the 180 workers who don't work in san jose ended up with a 50 cents raise, while their san jose counterparts ended with a $2 jump. >> i let them know the news of what we were going to do, and also let them know it was my goal to get them up to a $10 wage over a certain period of time. >> reporter: the jump in wage costs $1.3 million, which it hopes to make in revenue, in part by increasing prices at the retail store. michael fox, the ceo and president of good will in silicon valley says they will have to make it work since they are not willing to cut any community support services. fox says it is also important to keep the employees they have. >> feel blessed to have this opportunity to be here. >> reporter: some are on probation or parole, working to improve their lives so that they can potentially give back. >> since i have been here, i really looked forward to the future. >> repor
to be changing. we will talk about the warm weather and how high the temperatures will go coming up in the full forecast. >>> estimated 9,000 people in san jose are affiliated with a gang and one of them may be responsible for the city's latest shooting, a teenager shot on the east sietd. the san jose community is getting creative on how to stop this rising violence. among the ideas, a change of clothing. kris sanchez joins us with ideas that other cities could possibly use. >> reporter: hi, there. for the last two years san jose police say that the number of gang homicides have accounted for about half of all of the homicides in the city of san jose. a crime prevention and a gang prevention expert says that is only half of the story. all quiet near fischer middle school now. just before 8:00 last night a teenager was wounded in a drive by shooting which police say may be gang related. the metro unit is targeting gang crime with 40 officers including 32 on patrol. add to that additional gang suppression units. sjpd has identified more than 9,000 gang members. in the area where santa clara count
talking about it for months and now it is almost upon us. big changes to the golden gate bridge. on wednesday the bridge will switch to an all electric system meaning no more toll takers. you can pay by fast track or a camera will record your license plate and send you a bill. the change can save time when you cross the bridge. the board of directors voted to raise the speed limit from 5 to 25 miles per hour. >>> an amazing display of teamwork that should leave kids smiling. volunteers from shutter fly built an entire playground in six hours at the eden area ymca. >> biggest thing this has done is get our name out into the community to tell people that we are back and we are going to have a strong presence in this community and it has been amazing. the mayor is coming, the city council is coming, firefighters are here. they are helping us build this playground today so we can change lives for the better. >> the design came from children's drawings. >> how cool is that? >> very cool. >>> let's bring in our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. a cool temperature. but outside, we are
-sex marriage. the decision, not expected for months, could change the rules across the country. nbc bay area's gene elliot live. >> reporter: terry, supporters of same-sex marriage took over market street tonight and marched here to san francisco's city hall making a lot of noise along the way, letting members of the u.s. supreme court know their future is in the court's hands. hundreds of marriage equality supporters rally in city hall in san francisco. urging supreme courts to rule in favor of prop 8. >>> a march covered two city blocks. >> we got married 2004, got it validated, we were lucky enough to get married again in 2008. >> reporter: together for 21 years, mark and scott say they are marching to remind the supreme court justices they should be treated equally in the law. >> if i'm in the hospital and i got the wrong nurse, they won't let him in. so this has to pass to give us the kind of rights we deserve. >> while hundreds of families rally, many couples have traveled to washington, d.c. to be on the supreme court steps while their future is debated. >> this feels like our date wi
, christina. president obama renewing his push for gun control. >>> changed me spiritually, changed me mentally and emotionally. i had to go to prison to grow up. >>> from famed r&b singer to convicted killer. how one man who spent more than three decades in prison is using his newfound freedom for redemption. >>> it's more than just the end of the week, it's the end of the financial quarter. we'll look at the best performing stock over the last three months coming up in news. >>> happening now, president obama just finished talking about the economy in miami. he's pressing congress to pass new tax incentives and other measures aimed at tracking private sectors projects around the company. he spoke at a miami ports undergoing $2 billion in upgrades funded by public and private money. next week the president will head to colorado to continue his push for stricter gun laws. he has just a small window to persuade congress to back it in the senate early next month. it's expected to be an uphill battle as congress is showing limits to stricter gun laws. >>> not just the end of the week but
free at the store. it's changed from there. you changed the equation. free from the store was the original idea. >> most loyalty programs break down into one of two different forms. buy 10, get one free. or earn a point for every dollar spent and redeem that. >> i can measure that. >> the buy ten get one free programs, which have been around for eons are fundamentally flawed because they give them free things when they were unlikely to pay for them anyway. stores that experimented or used those programs are looking for ways to get more engaged, involved, social. gamification is the method that's become popular. >> instead of getting an actual free thing, i'm getting a badge. >> virtual items can be really meaningful to people when they are significant. recognition is what so many people are after. in gamification revolution, we looked at all these companies big and small that used gamification to transform their business. it ends up being about three ideas, status, access, power. the more you give somebody, the more loyal they are. >> some companies doing that, gamifying t
change since 2008 when voters upheld a ban on same-sex marriage. young voters are leading the way. more than 3/4 of 18 to 39-year-old approve same-sex marriage. even republican support has grown to 39% in the past couple of years. >>> new tonight at 6:00, an article in the student newspaper questioning the relevancy of black history month sparked a rally today at san jose state. the rally ended up at the famous black power statue on campus. it was originally planned as a march to celebrate black history month. then an article came out in the "spartan daily" titled "black history month is redundant." students told us they were offended by the article. >> a lot of people try to argue racism isn't prominent in today's society. but it is because a lot of people feel a certain way about us being here and black history being taught. the fact it's not relevant. so just with that, it angered a lot of us. we felt like are we redundant? do people think our culture is redundant? are we fighting still for relevancy in today, 2013? >> in addition to the campus at san jose state, the article was disc
, virginia tonight. thanks. >>> now to air travel and the tsa's plan to change the rules back to before 911 and allow people to bring small knives on board aircraft. flight attendants came out against this rule change yesterday. then today the air marshals slammed the decision. nbc's pete williams in our d.c. newsroom with more on this tonight. pete? >> reporter: brian, some family members of people killed on 911 are saying they don't like the idea in addition to the federal air marshals. the tsa announced yesterday that starting april 25th, airline passengers can carry on knives that have folding blades up to about 2 1/3 inches long. slightly more than the height of a dollar bill. knives with longer or locking blades will still be banned. so will box cutters and razor blades. a representative for the nation's federal air marshals who are responsible for in-flight security describes them as being, quote, very upset and says the decision puts them at greater risk. relatives of some of the 9/11 victims say a pocketknife can be just as dangerous as a box cutter and a group representing flight
at facebook headquarters where a big change is coming to your page. we'll show it to you coming up. >> and we're seeing changes in our weather forecast tonight. right now san jose south starting to see light to moderate rate pushing in from san jose downtown down to 101 into morgan hill. very interesting temperatures in our hilltops. cold enough for yes, snow on the radar out around mount hamilton. we'll let you know how long it's sticking around and the forecast when we come right back. sergeant. >> silicon valley giant cat who is the turning things around. ma ris sass maier is looking at a seven-figure bonus after a few months on the job. she'll receive $1.1 million for her 5 1/2 months at the helm. it supplements her annual salary of $1 million. and she also gets $56 mlion in long-term stock compensation that she received after yahoo! lured her away from google last july. she has redesigned the homepage, instituted new policies and the share prices are up 46%. >> this is about the time when facebook users start complaining. a march change is coming specifically the news feed. scott budman
to young teens or tweens cross a line? >>> big changes coming to "the view." there's speculation that another of the hosts is on the way out days after joy behar announced she's getting set to leave. we'll get into all of that intrigue. >>> in afghanistan, a suicide bomber attacking in kabul as defense secretary chuck hagel's in the middle of a trip there. we have more from kabul. mike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carl. how are you? yeah, terrible day of violence here in afghanistan. one suicide attack in the eastern city that was aimed at a joint patrol, nine civilians killed, though. eight of them children, the other one, as you mentioned, here in central kabul. an afghan official saying it was a lone bicycle-riding suicide bomber who set off his charge 30 yards to the main entrance of the afghanistan began defense ministry. the blast could be heard for miles, even at the building where secretary hagel was in a briefing. the briefing continued uninterrupted as did the itinerary that took him to bagram air base and jalalabad. today is a big day. he will visit in kab
at 6:00, a change in the forecast and a reminder you'll need to make a change this weekend as well. meteorologist rob mayeda will fill you in on that. and is that a beautiful picture of the golden gate bridge? >> it is. >>> also coming up -- >> cocoa's been wanting a baby and has been asking for a baby for many years. her dream of having a baby could lead to a new plan to save her species. launch sequence initiated. [ beep ] 15 seconds and counting. [ male announcer ] at kfc we have one mission: and t-10...9... serve the world's best-tasting chicken. that's why our chicken is delivered fresh. 8... and prepared fresh by real cooks 7... t-5. all systems go. 4... with kfc's world famous secret recipe. preparation complete... 2.....1... and now for a limited time you can try an 8-piece meal of our freshly prepared chicken, two large sides and 4 biscuits all for just $15.99. [ man mission accomplished. >>> time is running out for cocoa, the gorilla is facing extinction. her quest to become a mom may help save her species. in the hills above woodside, inside this old trailer, cocoa lives
with no resolution. but that was about to change in startling fashion. >> coming up, a second trial, but at times it was hard to know exactly who was the defendant? was it denny ross? >> he was choking me from behind and just squeezing. >> or hannah's boyfriend? >> did you blame yourself for hannah's murder? >> yes. chances are, you're not made ofoney, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! thanks. have given way to sleeping. tossing and turning where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta®(eszopiclone) can help you get there. like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. lunesta shou
to feed him, how to change him? >> it was an experience. i got thrown into it. holding him. it came naturally. >> did you have a few mess-ups? >> oh, yeah, i hit his head a couple times. >> it's amazing what babies survive. >> he's okay. >> how about your man? how is he taking to fatherhood? >> he is amazing, he's a great father. only because i feel like he's grown up with kids, his family is huge. he's always been around kids. so he's like the awesome one and you know i'm still learning. >> and how is your relationship changed as a result of being parents to this beautiful baby boy? >> well there's no romantic stuff any more. it's all about the baby, obviously. >> well, the baby does sleep at times? >> not really. >> now when we were doing the interview, they were saying on the notes that we've always called you snooki. >> we never knew you had another name. but in interviews you like to be called now by your given name, which is nicole. >> it's nice to hear my real name once in a while. snooki is what i'm known as, but i like nicole, too, so i think it's cool to use both. >> are t
it signals change for a church that's been wrestling with challenges, including a shortage of priests and a sexual abuse crisis. >> let's hope that we can have some changes and the american catholic church is very different than the rest of the world. so i think it's quite important that everyone be listened to. >> for latino catholics, we see it as a triumph. but with the triumph comes the cross. >> reporter: st. mary's cathedral will hold a special noon mass tomorrow to celebrate the new pope. that mass will be officiated by the archbishop of san francisco. again, it will take place right here tomorrow at noon. reporting live in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, jodi. we have a complete section on our website dedicated to the election of the new pope, including video of the celebrations and more about what goes into the pope's name choice. >>> new details in a case we brought you last night. parents are threatening to pull their kids out of a preschool after a teacher was arrested for allegedly trying to drug the toddlers. there are also threats of a l
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